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The UNIQUE method


Our mission is to offer a top quality service to both guests and owners. We achieve our objective through the service of our hosts, assigned to a small number of properties, so that they can dedicate the necessary time and attention. 

Guests have a personal host they can always turn to in case of doubt or emergency, who knows the house in depth, as well as the area, transmitting peace of mind so that their holidays become a memorable experience.

For the owners, the figure of the host means having a person who knows their property thoroughly, and is incentivized to keep it in optimal condition. With this method we make the rental an easy and pleasant experience for both parties, and the most profitable possible for the owner.


One of the results of Covid has been the appearance of "digital nomads", people who can work from anywhere in the world, and this translates into a new market niche. Most of the requests we receive for long-term rentals are of this profile, digital nomads, often foreigners and of an upper-medium economic level.

Rentals for periods over 31 days are considered long-term, and in the same way as tourist rentals, a host is assigned.


Value, transparency and agility. These are the pillars of our method. We firmly believe that each property is special, and deserves to be presented as such. Our goal is to add value, providing all the information that any buyer should have in order to make an informed decision, and make a quality presentation that enhances the property. We offer a different way of presenting your property in the real estate market.

In this digital age, information is value. The more information we provide about a property, the more security we transmit to a potential buyer. The quantity and quality of the information presented makes it possible to filter buyers in a very effective way, thus avoiding superfluous visits that wear out and are unsuccessful.

A quality multimedia presentation is essential for successful marketing. In the same way that one takes care of one's appearance when presented in society, a property must also be "dressed and made up" for its presentation in the real estate market.

To complete the presentation, we make a 3D scan with Matterport technology, or what is colloquially known as a “virtual tour”. It is a highly effective tool, the latest trend in the real estate world, which not only allows you to capture the essence of the property, but also offers many other advantages to promote any space, such as schematic floor plans, or exact measurements of walls, windows, furniture, etc.


In the real estate marketplace, other than location, appearance is key! Home staging is the concept of preparing a property for sale by highlighting its most attractive features. The goal of staging is to make the property most appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and in many cases, for its asking price. 

One must think of the cost of home staging as an investment, to make your property stand out, getting more interest and better offers. In this highly competitive market that is the Costa Brava it is imperative to present a property with a clean and attractive image.

Home staging has been adopted for many years now by the most successful realtors because it works. Properties that have been home staged sell faster, and with less negotiation involved!

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